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tWc Expectations


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Okay, maybe i'll pretty up the wording on this later, but for now.......


If you are interested in joining, OR you are already here, we expect the following of our players:


(1) Uphold the highest level of sportsmanship, whether it is in public servers or scrims.

- Do not cuss out other players, be it for fun, frustration or otherwise. Ever. Period.

- Do not use exploits and/or cheats of any kind. This includes ghosting. Ever. Period.l

- Let the admins of the server take care of player issues. If someone is cheating or making a scene, refer

it to an admin in-game, post it on ban forums, pm the admin, etc. Do NOT make a scene between

yourself and the player in question. You might have to deal with it for awhile if you continue to play, but

it WILL be taken care of by the appropriate authorities.

- There is no latitude for attitude. Have fun!


(2) Do not expect to be in the starting lineup for cal/twl.

- We need you to show us your overall dedication, teamwork, skill, as well as SPORTSMANSHIP, before

you can be considered for these positions. These kind of decision take time, both before and after you join.



Any violations of these rules can lead to anywhere from suspension from leagues to the boot from the team. On top of whatever punishments the server you are in violation of hands out.




Maybe more later, all for now.


tWc|RoGuE.gc | tWc|Whiteyford.gc

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