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cal season six???

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:D so jus wondering if u guys are still doin the whole cal thing cus ive seen alot of players jump to xt and such jus wondering wuts up with yall.


Hugs and Kisses'


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you say that like there's something you wouldn't want me to see in the tWc private forums. :unsure:



nah, nothing to see there except for a bunch of *boring* team stuff and elite strats. "These are not the droids you are looking for, move along" Wait, oh yeah, stutters has our passwords (though I *doubt* he even needs that much with his super board member powers) and can view our posts anytime.... o0o


And yeah, like dye said, we are good to go for season 6 cal, not only do we have the skill thats always been there and improved upon, but also the experience of 1 season behind us, and more dedicated players this season. In fact, we are looking to expand the team and include a tWc twl ladder as well, we'll see how the first half of this season in cal goes.... :wiggle2:





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