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Welcome to the Banned Forums - READ THIS FIRST!

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Check your ban reason and length here: http://gamrs.co/forums/index.php?/pages/sourcebans


A Guide For Requesting an Un-banning

We here at GC feel strongly about how we run our servers. We try and promote an atmosphere where guys can connect and experience friendly gameplay. In an age when most online gamers show no respect for rules, others or even socially acceptable behaviour; we try to achieve just the opposite. Because of the amount of little punks that we have to deal with, sometimes we can make bad judgement calls. If you feel you are a victim of one of those, this is where you can bring that to our attention. In this post you will find some suggestions on how to go about it.

1. Give us as much information as possible.

By this I mean your in-game name, your STEAM ID the time of the banning, the names and wonids of any other parties involved, and the noose size to use in case we dont like your post.

2. State precisely what happened.

The less adjectives you use the better. If you dont know what an adjective is than may I suggest applying yourself more toward your schoolwork and less toward CS.

3. Take responsibility for your own actions.

This is where 90% of requests fail. We dont need to hear about how your friend, brother, girlfreind, mom, uncle, aunt, grandpa, teacher, bookie, stuffed bear, aliens, Peewee Herman, hamster, pet roosterroach, neighbor, parole officer, or alter personality grabbed your mouse and gunned down five of your teamates. You may state (only mention... do not blame) any circumstances that may have provoked you to break our rules. But you will gain a little respect (by this I mean it will jump up ten points from -2000) when you admit without condoning what you did wrong.

4. Apologize.

Again, do not qualify your apology. For example "I am sorry I kept swearing BUT YOUR FRICKEN SWEAR FILTER IS STUPID!!!" A sincerely stated apology is your best bet.

5. Flatter us.

Its amazing how many forget this simple step and yet it will help you soooo much . On that note, insults will get you nowhere. And if Slims banned you, just mentioning his leet Ken Barbie outfit will pretty much remove any ban. Some have even taken to writing poetry extolling an Mmmm member, our server, the community or website. This never hurts

6. Assure us that your behaviour will change for the better.

Again, do not qualify it. Just tell us that your are going to find another way to vent other than breaking our rules. I mean just because your mom makes you take ballet is no reason to be a jerk.

This is a basic guideline. A respectful request is what we are looking for. Just remember that our server is provided by us for your enjoyment. You have no right to break, change or abuse our rules. We strive to create a friendly environment for mature players to have fun in. If you like this then you will understand the effort it takes. And keep that in mind as you beg on your knees for clemency.

How do I find my Steam ID?
- Enable console: Start Counter-Strike:Soruce, click Options then Keyboard then Advanced and then finally check 'enable developer console.'
- Connect to any server.
- Press ` key to open your console.
- type status. you should see something like:
hostname: GCftw.com | Dust2/Office | WestCoast > Insomnia 100tic
version : 2752 secure
udp/ip :
map : de_dust2 at: 0 x, 0 y, 0 z
players : 9 (25 max)

# userid name uniqueid connected ping loss state adr
# 3815 "stuttering.john" STEAM_0:1:99668844 05:42 52 0 active
- Copy the ENTIRE LINE.
- Post in these forums and paste THE ENTIRE LINE:
# 3815 "stuttering.john" STEAM_0:1:99668844 05:42 52 0 active

And now a word from mrX:


The rules for GC servers and forums can be summed up rather simply - act maturely and you'll have absolutely no problems - be a bonehead, admit it, and you'll be forgiven - be a jerk and we'd rather not have you around. Everyone seems to argue over where the line is drawn between the above. The 'got banned rules' is a good indication, but several people just do not follow them.

Most say "it's just a game, lighten up" which for the most part is true. But the game is only what the players make it. It's the focal point of this community, but still people ARE the community. In that respect, it's more of a hobby than a game.

GC tries to make this hobby enjoyable by all, without the cursing, whining, and other garbage that goes on elsewhere. But still we get "what's your problem" and "you're on a power trip" arguments all the time when someone tries to enforce the rules. Mostly leading to the conclusion that the person probably doesn't envision the community the same way.

Be polite, be respectful of each other, and you'll get that in return. I promise. If you know what you did, say "yep, I did it, no excuse". If you're baffled as to why you've been kicked/banned/slapped, etc., say that. Don't assume you've been oppressed either way.

Any questions?

*edit* added steamid howto /sj

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