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Recrud Gun Game

Nick Soapdish

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How about some straight gungame with everything but awp and auto, and this one server I play gungame on has probably my favorite gg map, but you'll have to let me dig a little as I cant find it atm.

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Ok GG tonight (3/15) at 9pm EST


map rotation is:


gg_mirage (Straight GG, Knife pro)

gg_scofield_and_burroughs (Turbo GG, Knife pro)

gg_canyon (Reverse, Turbo GG, Knife Pro)

gg_fy_italy (Reverse GG, Knife Pro)

gg_h7-25 (Straight GG, Knife Pro)

gg_temple_arena (Turbo GG, Knife Pro)

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Report 3/15:


I think almost all of the maps were hits, maybe with the exception of the first one called gg_mirage. People seemed to be having lots of fun. I tried some new scripts with moving the guns around and it screwed up a few times but overall not a tragedy.


Please give me feedback!


MVP goes to CSE Undercover and QC Rizzle, both played very well

Best map goes to gg_canyon maybe....?

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Finals week, ergo I will prob not be able to run this lil shindig on thrs.


I will still set it up with proven maps, HOWEVER, I will not be around to make sure that if a map starts suckin it up that it will be done with swiftly.


So here's your chance to tell me what maps you want on thrs or what maps you don't want.


Also, if you won an MVP of GG in the past lemme know what map u want.

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