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The Lunatic Soldiers


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A few of us are in the process of bringing back CsLs. Basically anyone who wants to join can (for the exception of one) and the website will be back up this week. Lunaticsoldiers.com There will be no CAL team for CsLs. This is just for fun and what have you. I will post up again when the site is back up.


Those that have returned as of this posting:








That is it so far (I think). Sorry if I am forgetting anyway.


So if you want to join, just let myself or any of the others know and we are all good.

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I am working on the forums right now. No homepage until someone wants to make a new one. Or I may just toss up some static page or have my webpage guy at work make one for me. I am learning CSS right now so maybe I will modify a Wordpress theme or something.

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Well, it is going to take a little longer than I thought. It seems Godaddy had the brilliant idea of disabling gzip or the .gz extension in phpmyadmin so I can not import that database (as it is too large uncompressed). I am looking for another host right now.

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yeah the monk3y's are coming back to gaming too..Mom, Fish, THX and I talked a while ago about putting the family back together for some competitive fun. We'll be taking names too for members.





























sorry couldn't resist :D





ZD glad to her CsLs is back!

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The Forums are up. http://www.lunaticsoldiers.com/forums


If you have an account and do not remember the password, just PM me in here and I will reset it for you.


I like the current theme but something is wrong with the menu navigation that makes everything all jumbled up; I am very disappointed about that since I may not be able to use it. Moding the css by adding padding is not doing the trick.

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