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So FragFestOhio 2007... 20 minutes away from me, i figured, i've been playing with most these guys for as long as this game has been around... been playing with Fatty, Mini, Windex, LostOften, DLM Fish, DLM yermom, and ... i think i'm missing someone, but anyways.. been playing with them for about 9 years now... it has been amazing. Oh! NCC! NCC shows up on saturday sitting behind me... really fun guy.


I come to FragFestOhio thinking if it sucks, i'll just go home and cancel the hotel reservations, maybe get my money back if i could from the hotel... well **** that! FRAGFEST WAS AMAZING! First night we're going crazy with like 5 LAN pubs and an assortment of scrims, TacoBell, and oh man i can't even remember that well.. But Friday night was a lot of fun... nothing compared to saturday though.


I woke up around 8, went down for the free breakfast which sucked, but it was free.. (coincidently they gave me a bill before i gave the free coupon.... and that crappy breakfast would have cost me $10..) went into the gaming room, played some Guitar Hero with Redeyez, who just came from the stripclub.. then went back to bed for like an hour. Came down, walked into the room and it was PACKED again. seriously, there must have been 100 people playing, i don't care what the numbers say! there was 100 people! We start up with some scrimming, a few other games are being played like Dawn of War, Battlefield 2, and the 5 LAN pubs ofcourse. man, i'm drawing blanks on what happened for a few hours. My buddy IbanezFreak got really sick and ended up in bed most of the time :( he eventually came back and played later that night though. After KFC came and i ate a day old taco (WARNING:::: EATING DAY OLD TACO WILL CAUSE MASSIVE BUTT PAIN!!) i continued to play with Slaughter, Maverick, Tyranus, and some of the other guys. lets just say xT is a bunch of crazy *@#*@@*'ers!!! We got our team assignments around 6 and then everyone started practicing with their teams.


I was on a team with Ebil, BlackIce, Warox, and 2 noobs that didn't know what an Mp5 was... We were up against DirtyBird, Miller, Holeyman, Raw-C, Fish, and someone else who isn't coming to mind (PM me and i'll edit you in!) First off... Team 4 (our opponents) were #1 to win... so me and blackice were low on moral. Tournament started and basically me and blackice took our team to 6-0 at first, then ended the round at 6-4 (we were doing 2 halfs of 10). It came down to a freaking kit that was stuck on the bomb... and i will not name who just because they've gotten enough crap about it.. but someone didn't know to shoot the kit off the bomb when you are defusing. We would have atleast tied with Team4, but ... oh well. Team 4 went on to win the whole thing.


Cujo calls me over while he's in the middle of his match and i see him RIPPPPPPIIIINNGGG it up big time... he was 15-0 and finished his half at 23-3 or something like that. Though in the end, i had a great great time during that tourney. Ebil the slacker she is, went 1-10 i believe on both sides during our match x.x i blame ebil!!!


Windex was making maps like crazy and he is still working on a map of the exact Hotel area where we were playing Fragfest.


BIG NEWS!!!!! FATTY HAS NO MORE EXCUSES ON WHY HE SUCKS!! *ahhh!! my lag is getting me killed!* BUB, DUKE, AMY (mrs. fatty), AND THE REST OF THE GUYS CHIPPED IN AND BOUGHT FATTY A NEW COMPUTER THAT IS VERY NICE!!! later mag came around with a hat and we all pitched in.... glad i could contribute my $5 to helping you out Fatty. OH! Duke, i forgot to give you money for something... pm me later.



From winning a hug from Magruter, to winning a server rack, to winning a new case (which i sold for 80$ to monthos) to even winning free passes to fragfest 2008! the prizes were awesome, and i know that alone was amazing. Thank you to all our sponsors, including BigAssFans.com for supplying us with donkey ammo! I ended the gaming portion of my night with a scrim between friends, and playing about 2 hours of Battlefield 2 (great game guys!). NOW ON TO THE FUNNY PARTS!


1. BlackIce getting so drunk he broke something

2. BlackIce chugging $13 Vodka which was absolutely the worst stuff ever

3. the tequila..... WHAT WERE YOU THINKING GUYS?!

4. DragonFire and Ebil getting ripped on like every 5 seconds.

5. The "asses" that are randomly placed all over my room now.


7. Had a great time with Slaughter and Maverick from [LaW]

8. VI4LIFE .... funny enough my spellchecker is saying "VI4LIFE" is spelled right... but "Mrs." is not.

9. KWill not being fed.

10. Acid-Flux... out of control wow.

11. DAS BOOT :(

12. If i hear sweet child of mine again.... i will break someone's face.

13. the [sAB] and [Mmmm] website intros dating back to like 5-6 years ago.



All together, i had an amazing time... i finally got to meet some of the guys i have known for soooo long and i got to own them too :)




Tips for next year:

1. Don't let alcohol anywhere near xt

2. don't let alcohol anywhere within a mile of BlackIce or Lobo

3. Drinking somehow makes you play better... take that surgeon general!

4. M2 knows he can't own on a LAN.

5. The older guys come for the poker it seems.

6. Bring more asses.

7. Let ebil construct donkey monument.

8. Bear should bring his reinstall CDs :)





Those that made my first FragFest amazing:

1. Slaughter and Mav (the duo ofcourse)

2. meeting old faces like yermom and NCC

3. BlackIce, Raw-C, and bear

4. Dragonfire and Ebil ofcourse


6. Dingy for supplying the BF2

7. Monthos and his dirty boys.

8. DJoJo... you had to bring that TV, didn't you?

9. DirtyBird plays better drunk... thanks dirtybird.

10. Windex, pleasure meeting you.

i hope i didn't forget anyone that i spent a good amount of time with..... if i did, it's the lack of sleep and sinus infection i picked up.





Thanks for a great time guys, see you next year and don't let xt drink.



-ShadowDog (Team 5, B8)


Oh wow, i feel like an idiot, i didn't even mention Allanon or Chimmpp!


You guys made it a lot of fun too... thanks.

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I think I would have died if I went this year.....


You would have been killed by a flying donkey... those things came out of nowhere sometimes.


Shadow, Im pretty sure E-werd was the 6th on team 4, either that or he was bragging about nothing in the "was fun" thread.

Edited by Chimmpp
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I think I would have died if I went this year.....


You would have been killed by a flying donkey... those things came out of nowhere sometimes.

What a way to go.

Blunt Trauma to the head from an arse.


Explain that one to the parents.

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2. don't let alcohol anywhere within a mile of BlackIce or Lobo




As to DJ - now you know why he weras his sunglasses when he is gaming (for the uninformed, he had a 32 inch

LCD TV set up as his monitor - about two feet away from him). Also, be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen when you

are near it. If he played CSS, a flashbang would probably blind half the room!

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4. M2 knows he can't own on a LAN.


lol just saw this. took a full 1 hr since the lan ended for someone to throw this joke at me :P lol. who was the person running around servers with this name? bear told me he saw it.

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Fragfest was awesome. This was the first one i made it out to. It was nice to finally meet all these people i've been gaming with since way before GC existed...back in the days when clans such as DLM, Mmmm, DOH etc were just getting established. I can honestly say i've never played so many games in 1 weekend. My mind was honestly shot by the end of it. I recall last night pubbin with Shaft, Mag, Farmer and some other people and how 1 by 1 we all changed our names to show how tired we were haha.


Congrats to the organizer's of this year's FragFest you guys (and gals) did a great job with everything. The weekend was great (minus the DAS BOOT incident). I look forward to FragFest next year and i encourage you all to go if you can!

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I must also say that I had a friggin blast! It was nice to see everyone again and some of you all for the first time! sorry I didn't bust out any sweet Parkour moves but my back has been pretty tore up from attempting a Gainer :( also thanks Tyranus for buying my rack! It ended up being a good prize afterall!


Look forward to seeing my de_arabia map finished within the next weeks!

-Thanks everyone for helping me test it!


Bank should also be done soon as well!

-Lost, i'll be sure to fix the spawn points and MAYBE add your turret!


Ebil.......... about that ten dollars.......... LOL


Nick, Sorry about the boot!


Shadow... ummm.... yeah....!


Xterm, you and GH2 make me sick!


[Master-8ers] rock even though we got scammed!


Chamber nice to see you're still alive!


Day old taco?


I'm sure there's a lot more but all that matters is it was a very memorable weekend and i look forward to seeing you all next year!

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4. M2 knows he can't own on a LAN.


lol just saw this. took a full 1 hr since the lan ended for someone to throw this joke at me :P lol. who was the person running around servers with this name? bear told me he saw it.

bear talks a lot of smack

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Ya, Windex, I tried to suggest some challenges a couple times, I wanted to see you bouncing around.


Flying Donkeys? Geee, I didn't see any at all................. ........ ........


My new system is AWESEOME! I'm now current!!! It ran great. Even with my <10 hours of CS since last FF, I held my own in the tourney.....doing things like guarding the aforementioned Cujo, which is a role that suits me best. Better I injure a few and die as a low-tech location device than let one of our aces go down.


Great writeup, Shadow. I'd like more details and memories from everyone while they're still fresh.


Now, time to get some sleep because we need to ship Ebil out of Ohio in the morning.

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i like how kwill had to kick us out of the game room at around 5 something in the morning...Myself, Lobo, Shadow, Trancid and..how could I forget....Raw-C...lawl.....Ebil I want to see whatever pictures you had taken asap! btw..we weren't kick out b/c we were gaming late, it was the 5 second game chugging tequila, vodka, and beer. GG to the bar for further assisting me and getting dumb drunk. I wonder if any of the bartenders have taken classes on "When to Cut Your Patrons Off", and if so, they failed. Thanks to all who bought rounds of shots to people!


Quick run-through of my faded but present memories.

1. Nick throwing his laptop on dirty and then throwing his beer cup on Cujo and I for me yelling "Detriot WHAT?!"

2. The whole G table being the largest group of raging alcoholics on the verge of real life murder at any given second.

3. Fatty passing around his Crown XR

4. Bear assaulting the tree for it's involvement in the battery stealing incident.

5. Me thinking "i'm going to regret looking at this" while watching Ebil take pictures of me while drinking/breaking things.

6. My thoughts of breaking faces when we lost the tourney

7. r.i.p. das boot

8. never ever wanting to see anything to do with guitar hero.

9. m1llers mom :)

10. Lobo and KWill trying to make me go to a room at 5:30am and not let me bring my drunken chaos though the hotel lobby.

11. Ich - I almost killed him by strangulation.

12. My apologies to the 3 souls in my room in which I assaulted both verbally and physically.

13. Raw-C's pile of wood formally known as his "room-table"

14. The WWE smack-down between Raw-C and I

15. ShadowDog: "Hey y3r mother, whats the deal with the servers?"

Y3rMother: "Go Sit Down."

16. Dirty assaulting the donkey..


p.s. Always give xt alcohol. Especially Dirty and I

Edited by Black`Ice
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Hey black,


How the hell did me and you end up with the WWE action?


And who won? I hope I at least held my own, I remember nothing lol.

we stopped after we broke the table on my back. it was a draw. :)

Edited by Black`Ice
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anyone get the bill for that yet? lol

lol, they supposedly put the table back together so it looked like it wasn't broken. I wish someone would pull a "Tommy Boy" and when the person was cleaning the table, it'd break, and someone would say, "What'd you do?!"


Good thing that was the only thing those hooligans broke. :stretch:

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