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Bragging and Benchmarking


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It raises with the control pad you can see in the lower right corner. It has 5 presets and you can also raise/lower by using the up and down buttons. GeekDesk says it can raise and lower 350lbs

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Just a snapshot of my system in my basement office.

Currently houses:



AMD FX 9370 @ 4.4GHz

1x Sapphire HD 6970

2x Sapphire HD 6990

1x Intel PCI-e x 8 800GB SSD

1x WD Black 700GB

1x WD Green 1TB

32GB Patriot X-Treme 1866MHz




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the crosshair v formula board is actually designed to hold 4 separate graphics cards, but i use one of the slots for a pci-e x 8 drive.

the 6990's are dual-gpu cards, while the 6970 is a single gpu card. It wasn't built as a gaming machine. It just so happens that it makes a pretty good one!


I won't lie; there are a few seriously demanding video games that actually use the dual-crossfire set up. FFXIV:ARR, Lost Planet 2, and The Witcher 2 are powerhouses, requiring much more GPU power than a single 6970 can provide when playing in Eyefinity mode. Dead Space 2, however, runs at a smooth 60 fps (vsync) with just a single 6970 on the 5760x1080 resolution.

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