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1835.39 CHAT GC][Jack_Kerouac hands hurts

1844.24 CHAT GC][Jack_Kerouac im out too

1844.30 CHAT GC][Ebits cya tomorrow

1848.77 CHAT GC][Jack_Kerouac it's been fun

1851.76 CHAT GC][Ebits night

1853.51 CHAT dark_ride_my_lit k

1858.50 CHAT dark_ride_my_lit peace guys

1952.97 CHAT GC][Flitterkill looks like thats it

--- Log closed on 2007/10/11 23:18:45






When Tom @ Viper's has the file unlocked, the servers go up.


Thanks to all the GC and Non-GC who played here, it has been a blast! If we have the opportunity, we may be able to retain a UT2K4 server for nostalgia purposes if we go the dedicated route, but until (if?) that time comes, UT2K4 is officially over.



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Sad to see this end. Only played ut2004 two years so newbie of group. But when one door closes, another opens. Looking forward to flitter's comment on hellbender improvements. Manta nerfed. Bad for flitter and bush. Barely could kill you guys with it. If Hellbender in the ++ Flitter critiqued, I am gonna have FUN!!!!!!.

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TypeFrag hosts our Ventrilo server, I imagine we're not running UT2k4 on there due to lack of use/interest.


Better to just start a new topic than to revive a nearly 6 year dead thread.

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Better to just start a new topic than to revive a nearly 6 year dead thread.



Why? if the older (perhaps much older) thread provides the context needed to understand your post or question, there is no reason not to use it. Besides, sometimes its fun to read or be reminded of old threads and posts. I think you are just being a poopy pants.





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