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Anual VI LAN

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Well once again the VI LAN is quickly coming upon us. We do it every year on the Memorial Day Weekend. This year it is in Kokomo, Indiana again. We had a great facility last year so we're using it again. Last year we had about 27 people come and it was a great time. We had room for about double that. Anyway I hope some of you folks will come and meet this great group of ours .Here is the info:


Memorial Day Weekend - May 23th - 26th (Friday - Monday) 2008


@ the Morning Star Church 2900 E. Markland Ave. Kokomo, In 46901-6670 (see below for more info)


$50 till March 1st then will increase to $60 until 1 week before event | NO PAYMENTS ACCEPTED @ DOOR*


- Paypal: Nuggetlb@gmail.com


- Games:

* Counter-Strike: Source

* Unreal Tournament 3

* Team Fortress 2

* Fortress Forever

* Battlefield 2

* Battlefield 2142



- Check in/Check out Times -

Check-in Starting PM Friday / Check-out AM Monday


- Administrative/Organizational Responsibilities(guessing based on last year)

* File/Network Server - Kemo and kovah

* Gaming Servers

--UT3 Server - kovah

--Source Server(s) - Kemo

--Battlefield Server(s) - Kemo and/or Listen Server

* Food

* Tournament(s) (4v4,5v5,6v6,etc based upon attendance)

* Tech Support

--Many of us are Windows/Linux geeks so Tech Support shouldn't need one specific person


- Transportation

* Carpools, Etc. - Some initial planning going on in this thread


- Location Info:

Venue Pictures: http://ia07.com/gallery/07venue/index.html

It's not in the church per se, but in the Recreation Center on the church property.

No Alcohol allowed on site. There will be a designated smoking area for cancer addicts.


- Sleeping Arrangements - On site, bring a pillow and a sleeping bag/blanket at a minimum! (Shower on site in each bathroom (ladies and gents))

- Intarwebz availability - Won't be a problem, wireless and wired

- Seating Arrangements - First there gets best seats

- Food - We will provide at least 2 large meals over the weekend, the more people = the more food provided -- FULL Kitchen facilites

- Other Activities beyond PC Gaming

* INDOOR Basketball and Volleyball

* Consolz

* Ping Pong Table

* Pool Tables


Pic's from Idiots Array 1 and IA07


- Equipment


*What to bring: Your PC, all cables, mouse and mousepad, headphones (speakers are not allowed at a LAN dummy), networking cable(CAT5e), ALL SOFTWARE AND CD KEYS TO REINSTALL YOUR PC AND GAMES!!! (It happens every time we do this, some guy gets to the event only to have a corruption in their windows OS. Just be prepared you know), nice chair if you are picky, SURGE PROTECTOR(s), extra PC stuff or xtra PCs if you have them to help out the morons, PC stuff to auction off (money can be donated to be used for server and website maintainance) tent and air mattress or money for hotel, some extra cash for the auction and for unexpected things that will pop up.


*What not to bring: Drugs, stolen goods, people who can't pay, firearms, alcohol (keep it in your car), pets, Osama's the best T-shirts, porn, virus infected PCs (we will do a virus scan, but please make sure to scan before shutting down for the last time before coming ( http://housecall.trendmicro.com/ ).


Anyone who attends must pay! Also the money covers food and facility costs. Gaming is just the excuse we use to get together and meet in real life who we spend all our time with.

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Just a reminder to anyone wishing to attend, please make payment before March first to avoid the $10 late fee :)

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Here is a list of who is comming so far. I remind you nubs in cinci its only 2 and a half hours drive



[VI] fanboy

[VI] Kemo Sabe

[VI] kovah

[VI] Tyranus

[VI] Dweezil

[VI] Preacher

[VI] Spatuladogg

[VI] Lex Diamonds

[VI] Hailfire

[VI] AST_Racer


Zero Damage

Happytime Harry


For sure:


[VI] Swoop

[VI] Slaphappy

[VI] Jipper

[VI] eb0

Eb0's girl

[VI] Teflon Don

[VI] Bartertown

[VI] Titan

[VI] Shadowfire






[VI] PftKev

[VI] Mookie

[VI] Max Killjoy

[VI] White Knight

[VI] Train

[VI] Jaksiel



Drunk Monk

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as usual anonymo, you find that whenever there is anal u are right in the middle

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as usual anonymo, you find that whenever there is anal u are right in the middle

OH SNAP! I like! +1 internets! (I didn't even consciously set myself up for that either...)

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One more week, if anyone else would like to come we have a building that will accommodate 35-50 and only about 20-25 so you can still get in. Special Today Only Friday May 16, 2008, any non-VI person can get in at the original price of $50 (includes most food and lodging folks) paypal only on this deal. That saves you $10 and is an awesome deal to start with. We don't try to make any money at all, we just want to get together in person with the folks we spend so much time with.


Hope some of you take advantage of the deal.

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I have a question!!! What time should I get there around on Friday? I can come anytime, just wondering what time you will be set up by!

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someone should have it all going by 5pm there are some contact people on the VI site. Tyranus and Lex are good for that.

Edited by Preacher

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