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what do you do with 11" (of snow)?


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if you're from Bethel, ME, apparently this:



We got 11 inches of snow two days ago and are in the process of getting 11 to 16 inches more as I write this. The problem is where to put it. Bethels solution was to mold 13,000,000 lbs of it into the worlds largest snowman and dedicate it to Olympia Snow. (Her personal assistant came up from Washington for the dedication yesterday.) 122 feet tall, it took 2 ½ weeks to build. Note the skis for eyelashes, trees for arms, and tires for buttons. Truly impressive, they estimate it will last to July.




Lou & Nancy

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Will spring ever come? I was about to unbury my frisbee golf discs yesterday because it looked like the snow was going to melt from the rain, but instead we got sleet and a couple more inches of snow.

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its all melting into my girlfriends house we have to move quick last august we needed a canoe to get to the front door not this spring she is moving --- beautiful views and nice wildlife but flooding makes for mold and not cool for anyone to breath the mold left behind---in two days supposed to be 3 feet above flood level 1 foot equals half a football field of flooding!! its so flat around here!

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