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Yay Me!


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I'm in Columbus today and tomorrow....so after the seminar I had some time. BeeeeUUUtiful day here so I decided to run outside. We're right inbetween the airport and the ghetto, so the desk fold suggested I run in sort of a box around the hotel. The van driver said it was about a mile.


I ran....and ran....and my lungs were fine, never out of breath as I took a slow pace....the legs, ankles, feet, and back are just aren't used to the long distance again yet...however I pushed myself to keep going.


After I got back and showered, as we were leaving to go to dinner, I insisted that we drive the "1 mile route" that I ran 4 times. It was 1.8 miles around! 7.2 miles! I knew it was longer than a mile, but guessed (conservatively) at perhaps 1 1/4 or something. I really didn't know how long I was gone until I returned and was pleasantly surprised after we drove it!


This is the second longest I've ever ran, and THE longest I've run since I blew out a disk in my back just over 2 years ago.

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good job!


big question: hows it feel today?



LOL, perfect question...


I know what you mean Fatty, I did 2.5 miles the other day and when I was done I could do another 2.5 it seemed.


Keep up the good work!!!

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Actually, I'm not as sore as I thought I was going to be. I wanted to lift tonight, but came home, went to the park with the girls, took them for ice cream (i didn't order any) and then came home and vegged.......two more days to workout this week though.....gonna walk 9 holes tomorrow night and then get a run in.

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