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5-2 Weigh Ins!

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I swear, every week on Wednesday AND Thursday I'm 3 to 4 pounds lighter...then come Friday morning I'm only 2 pounds lighter...seems like it happens every week.

I don't do anything different on Thursday...so I'm not sure why it keeps happening. Either way I'm fine with 2 pounds a week.

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Was not about to do my morning running so only the one lb this week, but I will take 1 lb a week for the next 25 weeks..NO worries....Had an issue or two with my knees this week...pushing to hard, so I am paying for it now and perhaps this coming week. Still made some good progress so I can not be Mad about it.

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The week off proved exactly what I expected. Just glad I didn't gain.


Ok...now for the blitz. Tonight I continue my binge / celebration perhaps one last time....then it's 4 straight weeks of discipline. I don't forsee myself winning this, but I'm sure not going to let you jokers coast in. Reasonable expectations will be 8 more pounds to leave me at 184 at the end. I would be overjoyed with that for a 15 week adventure.


Here we go!

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