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I said PUSH!!!!


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OKay so the last week is killing me, I will not let myself slow down. I am doing the tread in the AM and either sculping or low impact in the afternoon, but I feel done already for the week...two more days until rest day!!!!


So last week I got to deal with the outcome of my digestion issues in the form of external hemroid..YEA!! So not fun, and not the time to have it. It really made me go back a read that website again about poor bathroom habits and I needed to change a few things. I also have been way better, and digestion issues are gone. I found out how hard it really is to get 30g of fiber into your body a day. I had to switch to high fiber/whole grain bread and my cereal is now is organic with around 11g per serving. The last thing I added that seemed to make the big change was to add "1" cup of coffee in the AM, no sugar and no cream and it seems to help me out and gives a little morning go go.


I hope everyone is finishing out strong, and I could not more happy with everyones results. I also assumed we would be doing final pics this weekend also so we can see some GREAT b4 and after shots.

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