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PS3 - Online Network Friend Name


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i have mgs4, but never played online due to hearing mixed reviews.


your opinion?


i just played a few hours of lbp yesterday with the fiance and it was pretty good. been awhile.



i then played cod4 and got raped by the generals of the game, sigh.



i need a mouse :-(

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I'll edit minime's first post to include all known id's, so we don't lose them in the side conversation.


SN - I heard ZD was selling his copy of RE5, you could save a few bucks that way.

hmm, thanks for the heads up

And my username is Nightling if u wanna add it to the master list up top.

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pretty sure mine is:




I haven't played online a single time since I set up the PSN account, and don't think that's going to be changing in the near future. The underscore is critical though, I think someone took boiler12, as it was listed as not available. It would have been too easy to be able to have the same ID as my xbox gamertag...


PS3 games I currently have:


Uncharted 1&2


God of War Collection


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