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Shouldn't we have a name by now?


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We seem to be running behind schedule...let's get some enthusiasm going! After we pick a name, we can actually get the website updated and get some banners in the server...I mean hell, let's make an event out of this, I am looking forward to coming up!


Let the name ideas fly!

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What do you think the picture should be of?


Someone on a computer with a circle w/diagonal line thru it?


the word "Porn" with the circle diag line?


the word "Fatty" with the circle diag line?


I prefer a monkey with a circle diag line, but that's a DLM thing.


Write down your ideas and I'll make something up.


Any other idea would be fine too.


What's popular in 2009?

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Fragfest 08 : Wanna see my Stimulus Package?


*Insert creative, witty picture here*


Isn't the year still wrong?

I fixt it..prolly sj bustin my chops..fixt again.


I realize mine may not be a winner, but i'm hopin to jump start something here....with the political and economical events of the last year alone there is enough material to come up with some creative stuff...almost seems like a no brainer that it should be the theme this year.


Let's get something going here, we still have alot of work to do once we finally choose a name.

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