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Multiple bans

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The UT2k4 server situation is critical, there is only a few left. Even ours have fallen.


Seems a few unknown ONS servers (some new I've never played on) have shown up and I'l play on them for an hour at most (ping issues). I'm not an obnoxious player, and when I got back to join the server, my IP has been banned. Now, one player screamed I was speed hacking (my crap comcast connection), but the last server I played on no one said a word. Pow I was banned. What do you think is going on? Oh and I alias on these severs cause 150+ ping makes me hide my face. I know I'm going to suck cause the lag, I just wanna play but without fingers pointing, Or are they pointing?

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Bush! I can't say I'm surprised. I'm no where near as good as you and while I haven't been banned I've been accused of using hacks often on many of these new servers. Death Warrant seems to be about the only place to get a decent games these days but the maps that are most popular there are usually ones I don't care for. Ah for the old days... Its good to hear that you are still around.

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