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I have got on gc server and have noticed it empty all of the times I have tried. I would recommend changing the server to (TDM) team death match all the time, and thats just to get people to start coming. Seems alot of people are just leveling with TDM. I would change the server name to maybe something bright like red or yellow "RANKED HC TDM GCFTW.COM" so the name stands out good. Got to have hardcore. =)


Anyways, I am just tryign to help out.

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loaded up the rcon tool to switch it back as I also saw it set to HQ earlier.

However, I cant, as right now it has 18 players (at 12:56 am EST Sunday night./Monday morning), all playing hardcore HQ

We have the ability to shift on the fly, one of the very few things they gave us. So if some GCers are in and ready for any game at all, its there. Same goes for switching it to something more popular during slow times. At least that part is easy. Pretty much everything else is a PITA compared to CSS


EDIT: server empty at 1:20 am. Switched to HC TDM

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Yeah me, tomatoes, and shazz started it up earlier, filled pretty quickly once we got a group of clan mates that joined together, i forget the clan. Once it was over the 5 or 6 people needed to start it up, it just kinda went fast from there. Lots of fun, then something happened like the server crashed or something, and bam, 0/18. Also, console commands are horrible to figure out at first, as in how to kick people etc.

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