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Your Most Favorite Movie


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I like this approach:


Fantasy: Lord of the Rings

Children's: How to Train Your Dragon

Horror: 28 days of course

Comedy: There's something about Mary

War: Inglorious Basterds and Saving Private Ryan

Action: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Sci-Fi: Star Wars

Crime: The Usual Suspects

Gangster: Sexy Beast

Drama: Casablanca

Animated: All things Batman not involving Adam West

Music: The Secret Policeman's Other Ball and The Red Hot Chili Peppers play Slane Castle

Romantic Comedy (My wife made me do it): The Ugly Truth & Leap Year (The only 2 I stayed awake for)

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So Many! (But the best movie ever made in my opinion is a foreign film called "City of God". No lie, it's rated R so not for the young ones but seriously best story ever told.. next to shawshank.. and I mean RIGHT next to it.. If morgan freeman narrated this movie it'd be world famous by now.. subtitles in english, main language is brazilian portugese, I no longer hear the portugese when I watch it.. It all sounds like english now since i've seen it so many times)

Dumb and Dumber

The Big Lebowski

Big Trouble in Little China

Shawshank Redemption

Half Baked

Kung Fu Hustle

The Matrix


Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels


Fight Club

Boondock Saints

Donnie Darko

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Super Troopers

For repeated viewings, nothing matches it :)


And yea - Tombstone rules, Kurt Russel's second best picture behind The Thing(the original), and his third best, Big Trouble in Little China - the check is in the mail.


Memento just makes your head hurt.


Since Once Upon a Time in the West was mentioned, I'll mention the rest of the best of Sergio Leone: A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few More Dollars, and The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - a great loosely connected trilogy that helped define the "Spaghetti" western. Once Upon a Time in America, while incredibly long(4 1/2 hours original cut), defined the modern gangster movie and is excellent.


Equililbrium is a great B-movie - similar to Orwell's 1984 starring an early Christian Bale and has Sean Bean


Some classics everyone should see:

Casablanca - The best of Bogart

Seven Samurai - Foreign classic, required watching

Dr Strangelove - Kubrick's(of A Clockwork Orange, etc) only comedy, excellent

Citizen Kane - Rosebud

Lawrence of Arabia - An epic biopic about T.E. Lawrence with a interesting bit of middle eastern history in the WWI era

Metropolis - A 1927 silent movie set in the distance future with androids and revolution - helped inspire the movie Blade Runner

Cool Hand Luke - Probably my most favorite movie of the 60s with Paul Newman, everyone knows the "What we have here is failure to communicate"

One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest - Kesey may have hated the film version but it none the less excellent and excruciatingly depressing

Dog Day Afternoon - Based on a true story of a bank robbery in order to pay for a lame man's sex change starring an early Al Pacino

Chinatown - Roman Polanski's most famous, tho anything from Polanski is typically excellent

Ice Station Zebra - About recovering a film canister from one of the Keyhole satellites, really not good but I can't help but watch it - blame Howard Hughes


B Horror Movies:

Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness - Evil Dead 2 being the best imho

Dead Alive - Incredibly cheese gore zombie movies, definitely has some scenes that will upset some, Peter Jackson.

Meet the Feebles - Imagine the Muppets on crack and prostituting themselves - another early Peter Jackson of LoTR fame

The Story of Riki-Oh - What my avatar is from, super cheese gore, makes no sense, makes me want to learn to play the leaf

If you're not of the faint of heart, anything from Takashi Miike, king of Japanese shock horror, just beware he's made stuff that'll make your average 4chan user throw up


Classic WW2:

Midway - Story of the Battle of Midway starting Heston and Fonda

Patton - The story of America's most insane modern general

The Dirty Dozen - About taking men from the brig for a one-way secret mission in France during D-Day

A Bridge to Far - About Market Garden, Montgomery failed plan to end WW2 resulting in nothing good

The Desert Fox - A decent biopic about Rommel, master of tank warfare, attempted assassin of Hitler

The Great Escape - Steve McQueen, enough said.

Stalag 17 - American POWs held by the Nazis with escapes and betrayal

Kelly's Heros - Light hearted WW2 comedy


Recent war movies:

Band of Brothers: If you have watched this, do it now

The Pacific: Not as good as above but none-the-less excellent set in the pacific war of WW2

Defiance: Based on a true story of Jewish brothers escaping the Nazi's and living in the woods, rescuing over a thousand more jews

Schindler's List: Needs to be watched at least one time, after you're done and you've lost all hope for humanity watch the recent Louie CK interview on Conan about it and it'll cheer you up

Downfall: Watch Hitler's final days in his bunker, was well made fun of/sampled from on the internet after it came out

Black Hawk Down: See Delta Force, the 75th Rangers, and the 160th Nightstalkers in what is supposed to be one of the more accurate portrayal of modern war, very little character building :)

The Pianist: Roman Polaski again, be prepared to be depressed

Das Boot: Geman movie about the crew of a u-boat - by far the best submarine based war movie

Saints of Soldiers: About survivors after the Malmedy Massacre

Platoon: Vietnam, all star cast including Willem Dafoe, can't go wrong.

The Hunt for Red October: Tom Clancy novel, one of my favorites

Good Morning Vietnam: My favorite of Robin Williams

Rescue Dawn: Based on a true story, Vietnam POW, directed by Herzog, starring Christian Bale


Left out the more famous recent ones like Saving Private Ryan


Alright, I'm done...

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