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The Guess The Video Game Game

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Oh yea, you know you like the title :P


Copy of Saints Row the Third up for grabs:







1. Player A posts a screenshot of a video game. Games must be retail games from these platforms - NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, PS1, Dreamcast, PS2, Gamecube, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, or PC . Screenshot must be full screenshot of game play (cutscenes not allowed, sorreee)


2. Everyone may ask as many questions about the screenshot, but Player A only needs to answer one :D (edit: asking the name of the game is not allowed :P)


3. The first person who answers correctly gets to post his/her game screenshot.


4. Player A wins if no correct answer is given 24 hours after he/she posted his/her screenshot (or if there were questions, gave his/her answer) :)



I'll start:




Tip from Jackie - Image URLs can be a giveaway :)

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you're able to tell from that screenshot!!??? :o :o :o

I kind of told him what it was.


Here's a couple hints:


-It was released on multiple platforms, but this screenshot was from the SNES version.

-This perspective is actually sideview, but the red blotch is the person's hair.

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Such an odd picture... The damn thing is I can't get the image of a guy wearing a cowboy hat with a large red nose and a mustache out of my mind when I look at it.


Zen guessing sez "Out of This World".

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