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I've used the Linksys E3000 before no problems, not the NetGear model tho. The E3000 is an updated version of the 610N which was fine(the original 600N shipped with broken DNS on the wired ports - last I checked still not fixed).


Quick Break down by feature

Both sport 4x gigabit, USB 2.0. Looks like the NetGear allows you to do Windows Shares(SMB/CIFS), while the Linksys features Windows Shares and a builtin uPNP server which may be something you use. They both sport the same amount of RAM and Flash, while the Linksys supports both DD-WRT and OpenWRT, while the Netgear only sports DD-WRT - tho there is plenty of other firmwares out there that may support it. The Linksys looks have 3x3 MIMO vs the Netgears 2x2 MIMO.



For the cost and the fact it sports an extra radio/attenna along with broader firmware support I'd go with the Linksys.


EDIT: Formatting, meh.

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I've had the E3000 for what seems like a couple of years (may be less) and have had no problems with it. I don't do anything too fancy with it, and besides the occasional reboot (very occasional - once every couple of months maybe) it's been great.

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