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Just wanted to make a topic about this. Since I feel Indie Games are more prominent on PC. Anyone can contribute to this thread as I want it to be about exposure to Indie games since a lot of them lack and dont always come out on Steam or Will go to Steaem but dont have a Forum Link to the Main Site, or Other.


I wanna talk about one that Ive been following for a bit (off and on since its still in alpha), that I egarly wait for it, is Overgrowth. Made by Wolfire Games, which are the same guys who made Lugaru (which is also on Steam[/ur]) and are the same people who host Humble Indie Bundle.


Every Sunday they post a video showing an update to the game, and not just "heres the next patch" no these videos update which coincide with the game itself. The gameplay of the game is suppose to be an Action Martial Arts with Anthromorphic Animals. The combat system is based around context-sensitive attacks, reversals, high mobility and reliance on environment. Where you hit matters, in Lugaru a well placed punch (back of the neck/base of the skull) could instantly, or fatally harm someone. You dont have to use your fists/feet/cunning, you could knives, sword or bo-staffs, and more. The combat system probably the highest depth Ive every seen in any game ever, even in its predecessor Lugaru and that was made in 2005 (game is extreamly short).


Unlike Lugaru they're adding a hit to pain detection in the game, get slashed and character goes into pain, no more "I'll just be unphased while getting blasted by 50,000,000 guys", character gets punched in the gut and hes gonna grovel in pain for a bit.




Any indie games other people are looking out for?


EDIT: Posted at 01:01am? AWWWW YEAAAAAA.

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Heres some more intresting videos of the development of this game


Overegrowth Enviroment w/ Character Interaction changes:



Overgrowth Combat AI/Weapon Blood changes:



Overgrowth Pain Animation changes:



The engine they use I believe is a personal made one called Phoenix Eengine.

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So some...well a bunch of indie games hit Steam today and yesterday. If youre intrested in anything I have a few impression videos, and some gameplay videos if no reviews (Yes Jackie its the guy I always post videos of, lol)


Pinapple Smash Crew



Snuggle Truck



Dust Force


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