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Soooo CS coming back?


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I've had my eye on it for a while, but haven't made it into the beta yet.


So far, if you ask me, the majority of complaining seems to be from the "pro" 1.6 crowd


That being said it's obvious Valve are trying to make the game more accessible to console gamers, so take everything with a grain of salt. I expect that when it comes out, I'll be playing it quite a bit regardless (I know, you're sold now right?)


Wait for Cujo to chime in, I get to see the notifications of him playing the beta every five minutes...I haven't cursed cujo's name so much in years!

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I'll probably pick it up. Be interesting to see what they change when they release it. I wouldn't read too much into beta testing they'll be tweaking and changing things for awhlie and I wouldn't be surprised to see that Maps will be one of those things that aren't quite done yet (thats why they call it beta testing).


Oh, and Hey from the alumni section

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Woo M2 in Cbus! Bring some Canes down to Cinci! I'll probably be playing CS:GO regardless.. a new set of mapping tools for me to use as well so I might dive back into that :)

I wouldn't count on "new set of mapping tools"...I'm sure like every other source game it will still use Hammer.

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