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Galaga Fight!


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Galaga - Namco revision B please.



Shaftiel - 90840

Fk - 87200

Shaftiel - 59640

Fk - 52750



Been a few years since I checked my "backups" of MAME 0.125 circa 2008.


Since Windows 7 came out between now and then plus the storms that moved through tonight left me not wanting to chance any online stuff with the possibility of lost connection/power I figured I'd dust off the discs and see if they had rotted out and if I was still good to go on Win 7.


I probably need to bump to the 0.14x builds and roms now. Almost impossible finding the specific 125 build I had (I know, smart not actually saving the executables at the time). The straight 125 build chokes on half the roms. Early builds do a lot better but still some chop. Also Comcast is now moving to 300 gig/month cap from the 250/month plus right now they ain't checking at all so...


That said with my CP still retired in my closet I grabbed the crappiest usb joypad in the world and fired up Galaga. I'm much better than this but this is a decent place to start the fight. Honor system please. No hackings or borrowing screenshots from the web. Forum badge of some sort to current high score holder.


That's the ninth wave when I bit it. the joypad is bulbous in all the wrong places and the angle of the direction pad vs. the left handle is just wrong. Gonna have to get something better (or reboot my MAME control panel...)





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So wait we post screenshots of Galaga to see who has the highest score?


Yep - ongoing forever. Whoever is top dog gets the badge. There can be only one, etc...



Does it matter what version? I hope I dont have to fly over to your house if we plan on using yours...


Good point. Galaga (Namco rev. B) unless there are any objections. No, please don't use the fast hack version.

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Beat you Flitter....











What the hell.. how do you put a darn picture in these stupid forums


EDIT: Forums not stupid. Go to image in gallery, click share button, copy the direct image link, paste in to post like you would any other image.

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