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Fallout 3 - Drool-worthy reztexture pack

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wonder if the author is in the game industry.


almost reminds me of that gta4 retexture pack. iceenhancer, was it?

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Looks greats but think I'll have to wait for a good install guide before I try what he has done. Looks like a cross between a texture pack and Fellout.


If your like me and have beat F3 a few times here's a few popular mods I use. Was a real pain to get them all to work in harmony.

NMC's texture pack > purty

FO3 Wanderers Edition > changes the base gameplay, think hardcore

Mart's Mutant mod > adds new mutants

Street Lights > makes you actually want to explore at night, very creepy

Galaxy News Radio > adds up to 100 new songs

Project Beauty > takes away some of the ugly from people

DC Interiors > adds new places to explore that were otherwise boarded up

Darnified > required for Wanders, hires GUI and other goodies



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Thanks for the list, bushwack. Would you recommend FO3 Wanderers Edition after the first playthrough? Or just start off with it? From what I've read, it implements a lot of changes in terms of difficulty and gameplay mechanics.

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Wanderers is customizable with the default settings on the more "realistic" side. It's been a several months since I've played (been playing the NV DLC) and once you hit zones with super mutants, you really need a companion, cause after 60hrs, I was only lvl14 I think and it takes everything to take them down if you dont get a critical headshot. It's pretty much like playing New Vegas in hardcore mode on hard, but much more difficult at times...and that's FWE on normal. But like I said you can lower the settings to make much easier, like Fallout on normal.


I would do an evil charter playthough without FWE first. I did and it was a super fun game. Sneaking around Ten Penny Towers and killing everyone while they slept had to be the best moments I had in any Fallout 3 playthough. Don't forget to let someone catch you nibbling on a victim, then chase them around the place. Join the Slavers! You can pretty much put a collar on anyone and make some easy money.


If any mod is a must, it's a texture pack. Start there, cause vanilla F3 is pretty darn ugly nowadays.

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So to get back on topic, the mod is on Nexus to get you going.


Unfortunately, this is not a mod I would want to play the game with. This is a mod to make some neat looking screenshots under the right camera placement conditions. I'm pretty disappointed.


First off, it turns the game into a low res smudge mess. Even though my in game display is set at 1920x1200, it looks more like half that with some AA applied. I imagine it wouldn't be so bad IF the mod's .dll worked with the game's AA. I figure the screenshots on the net look good because they have been reduced and maybe edited. At full screen, which is how you would want to play the game, it just looks nasty, especially outdoor environments. Secondly, without direct light hitting surfaces, darks are just way to dark. It might look cool in the screenshots, but makes the game difficult to play.


Here is a shot using the config supplied by the mod. It might look good in thumbnail form, but fullscreen play, ughalee.



And a shot using the originator's config.



Now without the mod.


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