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Pint glasses - we have those.

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Well, maybe not available yet. I still need to arrange, sort, prep shipping, price, etc...


But yes. They're real and they're spectacular.


How many? Went with 200 for our first run. That gives us 50 sets of four which is the quantity these will probably be offered at; possibly a few sets of two. We'll see.


167 black. 33 white. Call the white limited edition special collectors versions if you like but that's all there is (Lies! There were two misprints. One black. One white. Not sure what will become of those...) Due to the limited number of the white pints those will probably be limited to 1 per order (if you want a white one that is)


Let's go to the pictures...






You'll notice the logo was slightly altered. You may have noticed this earlier as the revised version has been up as the forums logo for a few weeks now. Added another key in the lower right. Better centered the keyboard on the circle skull. Tweaked the grunge effects all around. Made the WASD stars the same style as the top and bottom star lines. Oh, and the historian in me decided to invoke my inner Futurama bureaucrat and changed the established date from 2004 to 2003. It was early/mid December 2003 when GC arrived. Rounding to 2004 makes sense. But then again, screw it, technically correct is the best kind of correct so 2003 it is. Also changed the established font style.




How do they look? For the white ones, which came out a lot better than I thought they would, if its a dark liquid it's really spectacular. If it's a light colored liquid it is a resounding "meh". Part of the reason why there are fewer white printed pints than black.


Black though, of course looks great with light colored liquids and with dark liquids within the logo becomes this barely perceptible dark metallic grey sheen. I approve of the look though it will not be visible from long (or medium) distances. That's a half-coffee/half-milk concoction on the left in the above pic btw. Here's some more looks.












So these will hit the storefront "soon". Ideally I push out a tee-shirt order call-out for odd sizes and garments in a few days and hold off on letting these glasses move until the shirts arrive so as to "combine the shippings" as it were. Then again, if people want to eat shipping for the pints now and again for the shirts later who am I to judge?


Prices? Prices? Ehh... Let me mull that over a bit once I get the shipping arrangements boxed/weighed/priced.


Obligatory non-continental USA residents warning! Your shipping will probably suck. Sorry.


That's it. Thanks for looking. Xmas is coming. Just saying...



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I am DEFINITELY interested. I would like at least 1x of each. If they are being released as a set of 4 only, so be it. Please post prices when available!


Nice touch!

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Was this really an excuse to drink a bunch of glasses of alcohol??

I'll drink to that.

Looks awesome! I like the white better as well.

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note for the board: next time we get a batch of pint glasses, have either mookie or i handle the beer selection for the photo shoot. also, o.O in fk's general direction.

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Whatta ya want from me? If I could I'd have a fridge stocked with Paulaner Lager 24/7, coupled with an assortment of regional and local brews.


As it is, killing the last of the Paulaner Wheat, perfectly excellent. Had some Saranac laying around; perfectly adequate regional-ish brewer.


Pro-Tip: Leinnies or Killians Red is fantastic for beer brat preparation...


And the Mike's? I live with a female.


So that's that.

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Probably gonna be this.


3 black / 1 white




2 black


Also, shipping isn't what it was ten years ago. Single pints vs. cost of shipping? Not sure which would be greater - not exactly cost sensible.


That's the way it's gonna be because I don't relish this stuff lingering here forever. Also, there will be a shout out email-wise to all forum members announcing availability so these may disappear quickly. Not a big deal, I can get more. Fewer than this 200 order, and they'll be just a hair more expensive, but a mixture of white and red and maybe some other colors. Collect them all, etc... But that's down the road.


These *will* be up in the store Wednesday (tomorrow) evening. Might be late evening, might be super early Thursday morning. Boxes arrive tomorrow afternoon. I start packing these up, get shipping costs, etc. Then up in the store they go.

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One, it's glass. So, packaging.


Two, each glass is about a pound.


12x12x12 cubes for shipping simplicity.


Two will have a shipping weight around three pounds or so.


Four around five pounds.


USPS is hurting, their rates for this aren't too great. The express fits-and-it-ships boxes are too expensive for the size we'd need (and even then a bit tight). Parcel is a no-go as well. I'm as surprised as you.


UPS also on the high side.


So, used my law firm hookup to piggyback on their discounted FedEx account. Ground. East coast vs. west coast does make a difference of course but I'll probably just pick a middle ground between the rates, round to the nearest 50 cents or so and jack it into the price. Most likely in the $6 to $8 range. More clear, closer to $6 for two, closer to $8 for four; all subject to me packaging and weighing tonight.


Canada and points beyond I gotta mull over. Probably just let the buy go through but hold until actual additional shipping is figured out and then email buyer for additional funds.

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So, yeah. Shipping does blow. The $6 and $8 quoted above may be $2 short on both accounts. FedEx has a *really* strange way of dealing with Ground vs their Home Express services. Working through their web panel to create shipping forces Home Express (and it's additional charges) on you for ground residential services and *removes* FedEx ground as an option. It seems they want FedEx Ground to be business-addresses only - as far as their online options go. I've had zero problems walking in to a store and getting cheap FedEx Ground. Anyhoo, with this store integration Ground should be fine and available. We'll see. And yeah, UPS and USPS aren't any better (read usually worse).


For the record, 12x12x12 cubes, #3 and #5 for two and four glasses respectively.


Store is going offline for a bit.


1) Updating to newest version of IPB.Nexus


2) Integrating FedEx shipping. You'll be hit up for shipping at cost (plus a $1 for the box). Canada folks will also be good to go with this option. Other internationals will have to touch base with me. This integration means if for some strange reason you want to jack your shipping up to same-day or whatever - knock yourself out.


Regardless, this may take a bit. Hang tight.


Otherwise. Boxes here, stuff is ready to go. If this is operational soon, I may even ship stuff starting tomorrow...

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Would be nice wouldn't it? You could wait another month if that is your desire?


I'm wrapping up some financial stuff behind the scenes (getting us up with Stripe and saving GC some cash on credit card fees) so store open tomorrow maybe?


Meanwhile let me just continue to enjoy the use of the pints while you don't...


Also what is a 100% L4D2 achievement and what does it have to do with pint glasses?

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