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Truth: Haven't had a Miller or Bud in twenty years. Still remember the crap taste after all this time.


So, fast forward...


Go out to eat, see Lionshead described as an American lager in the tradition of Budweiser... Never look at the price, frightened away by description.


Go out for Ethiopian food a few days later. Many beers on tap. All of them $4 a pint. And then there was Lionshead at $2 a pint.


Think to myself "Warning! Scary cheap!" Get it anyways, consider it a learning experience.


And I was was impressed. It ain't any great shakes but it has a stupid amount of flavor and goes down, honestly, almost as easy as water. I cannot image what college would have been like for me if this was available back in the day. Beer review sites and the user reviews found there treat this beer with a mixture of awe and disdain. Again, it ain't a complex beer by any means but for what it is? Cheap? Tasty? Yep on both counts.

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