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FFO 2013 Official Seat Chart

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Chart last updated Wednesday, June 12th



1) This chart may change. Work with us if that happens. Those that registered earliest get dibs, in order of registration, on re-arranged seating.


2) Some of the tables are 8' long (red on the chart), not 6' (blue). Those people get extra elbow room! Those tables are buried at the back. Choose wisely...


3) Where will the servers be? We won't actually know until the day of. The 12'x10' storage space may get server room duty, or could be a console room. Sorry, but there is a possibility the servers will end up on the tables... somewhere...


The following seats are open for reserve:








The remaining A, B, and C 21 through 24 seats will open once we go over 76 registered.


If/when this happens those people in seats A/B/C 17-20 will get dibs on moving out to those seats, then those in the D seats will get a shot at them.


The S block of tables is reserved for any staff that don't bother registering until the very end and the if/when we go over 88 registered, D17 and 18 will also be opened at this point.


As depicted, all tables, we have room for 104 people. We can go to 110 but that's pretty much the limit, or at least as far as I'm willing to push it.


Naturally if we come in well under 100 there will be some table shuffling to make everyone more comfortable, etc.


When you register be sure to include a seat choice!


If you are trying to group up with other people to sit together, make a note of it when registering. I'll be stamping out seat fires as needed when people register. First come first serve as far as choices go...




A01 ncc

A03 Inferno

A04 Mav

A09 Nightling

A10 Gram

A13 JackieChan

A14 Biggs

A18 yermoth3r



B01 Marvin

B02 KillerJ

B03 TylerDurden

B04 Kiam

B07 Dragonfire

B08 Girlzilla

B11 Jack Burton Burritos

B18 Wolfsblood



C01 The Big Boss

C02 ilovetomatoes

C03 Jibbajabba

C04 lousiest

C06 WalkingCat

C08 Renegade

C12 mahshah

C19 crasx

C20 FacePalmSmash



D09 Shaftiel

D10 glgl

D11 discom

D13 Black Ice

D14 DirtyBird

D15 cujo


Edited by JackieChan
updated seating chart
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D17/18 might become an 8' table so there's that... Rotate 90 degrees? Hmmm...


Uploading revised. Can't rotate it 90 as it will kill the seat space for D13. I can and have bumped it out so people can slot in between the table and the wall and be looking outwards at least. I'll also pull these tables and save them for the if/when we go over 88 attending scenario.

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Think I will be getting a seat closest to the bar.

You still getting a new gaming laptop?? You could probably sit at the bar

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I'm silly for getting excited about paying and choosing seats, right? I have 2 people coming along with me so I need to pay as soon as possible to choose seats close together.

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I want to sit where people won’t stare at me. I’ll feel very uncomfortable if I have to pick my nose.


Now I will have to stare.







You and Lunk are both up to no good. Lunk said the same exact thing on the server last night.

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First post edited. Registration about to begin. The seat numbers *HAVE* changed from the chart posted a few days ago. Make sure to look at the new designations before punching your ticket.

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Board members and above should get first dibs on seats.


Plus there are several people I want to sit next/near to.


I'll sit across form you so I can unplug your lan cable.


speaking of which are we coved on lan cables?

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