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Internet Speeds and Prices


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Charter jacked up the price on my internet service last month, which leaves me to wonder, how much are people paying out there and for what quality of service? I'm especially curious about international people; I've heard that ISPs in Europe don't get monopolies the way they do here.


Nominal speed here is 30mbps. Actual speed to the actual internet is about 6mbps. Price is $48/mo (~36 euro per month) for internet only.



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After taxes I pay about $54 for this service. I could be getting a lot better connection but I currently live in an apartment complex and there are a lot of people on this hub. Remember, these tests are in Mb which is MegaBITS, not Bytes. So do some math and my actuall MB is about 2.24 MB per sec. Still not to shabby.



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