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Just want to confirm some things

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I haven't booked any flight yet because I wanted to get some definite answers about these.


1. I plan on arriving the day before the event (the 17th which is a Wednesday). Who else is planning on arriving a day or so early?


2. I talked to Flitter about this before, but I don't remember all the details of it, but will the event end before noon on Sunday, or will it extend later on into the day since we're not hindered by a Hotel's checkout time? If it does sail on through Sunday, party on, Wayne!


3. The cheapest flight I could find leaves on Monday evening and I don't really have any intention on spending an extra night at a hotel. Would it be possible to crash at someone's place and then haul me to the airport in Akron? I don't know how much of a burden it would be since it's on a weekday, but I want to be sure.


...I'm dropping mad dollars on this vacation I really need. I haven't had one since FF10.

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I've put any golf thing into Fatty's hands; so whether that happens Thursday morning or what not I do not know yet. Clueless can't do Thursday I think and he really wants to golf (I think) so... actually I have no clue whats going on with that. Or with any trailer loading Wednesday and such for that matter (or if it even needs loading...I mean, its all in the trailer right now so...)


The event starts "for reals" Thursday 6pm. That's the plan anyways. Any tournaments and such would be delayed until Friday for start time so late comers can get in on that stuff. As to end time, the assumption on my part was kill the LAN at 9AM Sunday and cleanup to get out by Noon giving folks time to sod off back home for Monday. Technically our rent time is approx 4pm Thrs to Noon Sunday but the people running the joint are probably way flexible on this. If people want to roll later than Sunday AM it's certainly doable.

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