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Rolling back in Minecraft?

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Is there a way to roll back an area in Minecraft or does it roll back the whole server?? I tried to use restore nature and it left the top of the ground normal while wiping out huge areas of developed land in my area underground. :(

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There is no rollback feature since we switched from CoreProtect to GriefPrevention


Restore Nature basically just flattens an area and removes any 'unnatural' blocks... I accidentally removed a jungle temple by using it once. Oops.

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Maybe the server backs up the world chunk data... will look into that. When did you do this?


Looked at it for a bit.. files are saved in 32 chunk x 32 chunk 'regions'. Also, there doesn't seem to be backed up data for this sort of thing. Basically, don't use /rn.

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Why would we claim it? We all know it's yours...except for maybe Dragon's new friends...who keep claiming land next to mine. Just wait...a Wither will be inside one of their homes waiting for them!

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Well, I found this very interesting - /rn commands. I wanted to use this to restore underground of my claim, BUT if read it correctly, this command doesn't restore everything, just fills air holes with near material, meaning there will be no natural goods (diamonds, iron, coal) if I already mined them all in the area of restoration.

So i think, there will be a moment when we deplete the entire world, just like in real life.

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