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I play TF2...the only reason I stopped was because most the servers I played on disappeared. I usually played on 24/7 Toyfort, or a couple others I can't remember the name of. Toyfort was my favorite, as the CP battle lasted for hours sometimes. Once they disappeared, I started playing L4D2, and found myself on this server. If a GC TF2 server was started, I'd totally be playing it more often than L4D2.

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I rarely play TF2, had it since the Orange Box and only have 108hours in it. The GC didnt populate well. Since its F2P it could be populated now, but get ready for the ban list.


The reason GC members didnt play on it much (This back before L4D2 server existed), because hardly any even like the game (Myself included). I have a friend who I play with off and on, end up wrecking a whole team (Actually joined his full game and single-handedly captured all 4 points) getting 5 weapons a game then uninstalling because not everyone at least TRIES to play the game. TF2 Heavily suffers from CoD Player Syndrome where a lot players think because they played a Call of Duty game, they can play any FPS.


Actually got a whole team to rage on a Cart Push map (Gold Rush?) because our team go to the end pretty easily, we hard stopped the team and only got deaths at end of the push, but we hard stopped the team on the reverse play. Didnt even make it past the first point.


TL;DR? Tf2 isnt a serious game. I have more fun in Gmod honestly.

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I remember there was some talk about GCFTW Killing Floor server, which I am not sure if fully happened.


I agree that TF2 suffers COD player syndrome and squeakers, but it really depends on a server.


At least GCFTW could try with any Mann Vs Machine map or 666 event, or even with Saxton Hale one, which brings lots of fun.

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