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need some win 7 help


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My win 7 doesnt just save a restore point of the system like its supposed to. It only has two settings. Use all of the HDD, or use 30% and let windows manage. It was using 540 gigs of the available 560 so I changed it to only save system files, most recent copy, etc. But its stil uses 540 gigs and copies ALL of C: drive! Theres no other options. I have no idea how to correct the problem.

I just want it to use a few gigs, maybe even up to 100, to set a system restore of the most recent copy of system files. Not the whole drive and not 540 gigs! Any ideas?

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Are you trying to backup your computer or did you have system restore option turn off? If you're trying to backup, then system restore isn't the correct thing to use. Otherwise just follow Flitter's SS and that's all to it.

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mine is just like yours flitter. its set to 1% (5.96gb), but shows current usage as 429.11 Gb LOL!


also i have these settings below. I used to have it set to only 1 restore point at a time to free up space, but obviously that didnt work so I tried letting windows manage...no change.





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I'm thinking the problem is that we've got two things in play here: System Restore (which just keeps backups of the win system files, etc.) and Backup and Restore (which is *everything*).


What you've got is a backup that's gone nuts or possibly what you've inadvertently told it to do, Leave system restore as it is - those setting are fine but change the Backup and Restore settings - hell, even nuke any backups there and then if you really want full backups do one and see what those sizes are.


I run with System Restore to save me from borked system files of registry corruption but do not run Backup and Restore at all.

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