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Amazon Books with Titles that make you go What?

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So after finding "How to Avoid Huge Ships", my adventure began into finding more awesome books on amazon and I thought HEY LET"S PLAY A GAME!


Go Find a Book on Amazon, and no not like normal stuff, no no no, the most weirdest, most out there, most mind blowing, I can't believe this is a book, oh my, what am I reading, excuse me, i think I just got cancer, what is going on, I need an adult, kinda of book.



Winner Gets: A Free Copy of my Book coming out at the end of this month on kindle: Glass Mahogany: A Beautiful Tragedy in Poetry



Post the Link to the Book


Put the Title Up:


And Lastly: A Priceless Review (not really necessary but it might give you brownie points towards winning my book)





BTW You can post multi-times


I'm going to start with one I found today:




Title: How to Avoid Being Killed in a War Zone

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I don't mean to be off topic, but you wrote a book? I've always dreamed of writing a book...got ideas coming out of my donkey but I'm still stuck in the process of piecing it all together into a nice outline and poop.

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