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Snoopers be snoopin'. Good to see ya, and nice avatar. Man, good show.

The X-Files or The Lone Gunmen? I didn't think the Lone Gunmen spin off was so great. I also thought their death in the X-Files was poorly done.


But anyway, hey Rashad. :)

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Hey there!


Also I recently started watching all of the X-Files episodes on Netflix. Currently on season 2 Episode 16? i think. Theres like 204 episodes so I got a ways go to, but I'm loving it. And thanks for ruining The Lone Gunmen for me VooDoo!!!

I did the same thing. I started watching them last year and finished the series earlier this year. By the time you get to the part where they die you'll forget I even spoiled it. ;)

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Felt good to spend some time here again. Thanks for the positive comments about my avatar. Good show, great characters. Their first and only season was descent, a good foundation to build on. Dean Haglund, the man who played Langley in an interview a while back said: "No one dies in science fiction" so I still have hope. :happy:

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