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FFO 2013 Rules, Courtesies, Check-In/Out

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1) Don't be a dick.


A grand GC rule; even grander in-person. Have fun, relax, no fighting, etc... GC language standards are a little looser at FFO but still... Don't mess with other people's gear unless they let you.


2) Respect the venue "lockdown" hours.


That's going to be 1am-ish to 8am-ish. You can come and go but do so quietly. Do not loiter outside loudly. Do not create a visibility that will draw attention of local law enforcement. They've got better things to do anyways...


3) Respect the venue.


If something that belongs or is a part of the venue is broken, own up, don't cover up. We can deal. Let someone on staff know.


4) Garbage duty is your duty!


Pick up after yourself. Put it in a trash can. Keep your seat area clean. Don't spill over into the next person's area. Your gaming area at home may be a mess, that's fine, but don't bring it with you to FFO.


5) Respect the staff.


It's really just the on-site GC Board members (mostly). They've got my contact info. They're handling check-in, tee-shirts/pints, etc. Be nice. Thank them.


6) Take care of yourself.


Do you really need to go on a drunken bender? Do you really need staff to call the cops to throw you out? C'mon... Also, take a shower eh? And of course, please, plenty of people are available to drive for you. If you are compromised, even a little, don't drive - just wait or ask. Not worth it to you, others or GC/FFO.


7) GC and/or FFO as an organization is NOT providing alcohol of any kind.


Just to formally state that. If you buy it and share it with others that's fine but our respective organizations are not a part of those transactions. We are providing a venue for gaming and a few perks (tee-shirts/pints) to go with it. Nothing more. This includes any person designated as "Staff" even if they themselves provide and disburse. They do so as individuals and NOT as representatives of GC or FFO in any way.


8) FFO ends at Noon-ish Sunday.


I know you've got flights to catch or long drives but folks sticking around to help breakdown and pack up would be appreciated. Shouldn't take long at all.


9) Keep a good attitude!


Tournaments may be botched. The team you play against may be stacked. Smile and enjoy! It's not worth it to stew about it. Also its not like there are an abundance of prizes for the tournament either...


10) Security begins and ends with you (mostly...)


Everyone should be on the lookout in case someone decides to walk out with monitors and the like during the event. Those of you with desktops should be fine (and again, everyone here should be beyond reproach) but those of you with notebooks/laptops might want to just take them with you when you leave for the night/morning/afternoon. Be sure to touch base with staff when you do so someone knows your stuff is not on the tables for a reason.







Look, this is a small gathering. Everyone is gonna know everyone soon enough. To be safe though, have a list of your major (or minor if you like) computer/monitor/mouse components. When you arrive and get set up have someone on staff come over, take a picture, check off your stuff on your list and hold your list until you leave. When you leave or are packing to go check back with staff so everything is cool. Or maybe staff decides to blow this off. Again, with this few attending I'll leave it up to you.


Also let me remind you again that it's not the worst idea to have a separate account on your machine just for FFO or at the least password protect your account. Also, for those of you who like to surf to perhaps... slightly NSFW web destinations... consider whether it is appropriate to be doing and displaying such material at FFO (ditto for any picture directories on your machine). I'd rather not have to have staff deal with that kind of exhibitionism...

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