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I've got a handful of large FragFest tee-shirts coming back at me (tomorrow?) and those will be going in the store.


Shipping is a go but I do have to get the account stuff set up on this end.


And I should probably package some of those pints up and get some shipping costs set up eh? That's be a good idea.


Store has been refreshed, work that needed to be done regardless of any impending web server move and IPB upgrading - figured I'd just do it now. SSL connections are working but for some reason when you are browsing it drops back to regular HTTP. You're still fine when checking out though so no worries. PayPal and debit/credit with Stripe as usual.


FFO 2013 photos are trickling into our gallery - check check it here: http://gamerscoaliti...fest-ohio-2013/


Days away we are from 500,000 posts.


What else... Been a bit with all the FFO stuff since we've culled the member and admin herd of non-renewals. Needs to be doing that soon. Baloosh! Baloosh - I think we need to get you back up to speed. Be proud though, a permanent store item is named forever in your honor.


Uhh.... Stutters stole someones rightfully earned Galaga badge so I would make him one for pinballs. That's not nice.


If you haven't read the FFO afters threads you should get in on that to see what you missed. People are still vague regarding tournaments and games and who won this or that. We've given them a couple days now to recover - time for them to make with the details right?


Skyrim is fun and has distracted me from my Fallout New Vegas second run through so I could hit all the DLC. Gonna be awhile...


Does anyone have a real solution to the CS:GO server? Would anyone like to start running other servers? Lord knows we've got the juice.


Probably more to say but it's been two days of store work and no Skyrim. Let me rectify that now...




PS: Contributing Members and Admins get one week of "dibs" on all new merch in the GC Emporium. Regular forum members won't even see the items in the store until then. That's a quality perk.

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