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Pimp My Castle -- Competition!


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So, I've decided to have a competition... effective immediately.


Too Long, Won't Read?


The rules are pretty simple, you come to my castle, pick an open spot, build something awesome, win prizes. Readysetgo.


Where to Build?


Build on the walls, build on the ground, build in the air, I don't really care, just don't do anything too drastic to what's already in place. There are signs in place that tell you where you can/can't build...

you can build almost anywhere except for two rooms - one on the second floor, one on the third - and the side passages. If you want to reserve an area, though, change the sign in front of it to list "Closed for 'Name'"

If you see a spot you want that isn't clearly labeled, it's likely that you're welcome to build there, but check with me first.


You're also welcome to build above my castle, decorate the outside walls, or work in the areas surrounding my castle, if you want to make something large. Underground is fine too. Do what you want,

but working within the castle is best if you want to focus on something smaller.


But My Resources Are Mine?!@#

I'll do my best to help fund/provide for your work, within reason. Either I'll get resources for you, or I'll pay you for what you used from your own stockpiles.


Now, for the PRIZES.


All participants are guaranteed:

- 50 Books (enough for an enchanting area & some books to spare)

- Half stack of iron blocks (probably three)


Top competitors will receive additional prizes distributed from the following prize pool:

- 5 Stacks of diamonds

- 5 stacks of iron blocks (45 stacks of iron)

- Two silk touch books

- Feather Falling 4 Book

- Any one weapon/tool/piece of armor in my collection

- Stuff like horse armor, records, and the like

-- And, if I'm truly impressed with what you've created, my beacon is a potential prize. (Guaranteed to come with enough iron to build a decent pyramid).


That's It?

Well, I think there are some pretty good offers there, but the prize pool can be increased, depending on the quality (and quantity) of entries. If you want something specific that I don't have listed, get in touch...

chances are I can get it for you. (Aka: Misc items are also in the prize pool, but only by request. These prizes are based on what I have available now, and I'll be playing all month, so things can only get better for competitors.


I don't want everything going to two people who build something without any real competition, but if ten people actually put in some real effort, I'll do my best to adjust the prize pool accordingly.

Expect good entries to be rewarded fairly, I'll leave it at that.



Working in teams is allowed, and you are allowed multiple entries, but you may only reserve additional slots after your first build is complete and everyone has had a little time to choose an area (probably about a week).


How the Heck Do I Get There?

The bridge to my castle can be found at around -240x, 200z in the overworld. Otherwise, just look west of the portal to spawn in the nether and follow the rails upward to my nether portal.


How Long We Got?

The competition will last at least two weeks, I'm leaning towards a month. That's not because I expect perfection, it's just to give everyone a decent amount of time to work.




Get building ladies.

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