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Hey guys want to get a gc group for paday 2 started where we will absolutely thrash it

also i want to be the first to unlock the secret room by finding clues, it would be awesome for gc to get the reputation for it also last time in payday 1 they game them a butt load of free stuff for figuring it out

here a discussion i posted on the beta that somehow dosent work anymore :(


Ok so we all remember when the smart players found the secret room in first world bank by finding the clues around the place on other maps and posters etc,

was wondering if you have seen any clues in payday 2 beta yet? think i found a few

i posted this image and people have decoded the square thing as a text saying "we love secrets" or something like that check it yourself, the website on the box isnt a website so dont worry about that but apparently all the boxes say the same thing in the beta version




It says pick up the phone... well I did hear a phone in the dumpster in bank deposit ringing in the carpark...... didnt have time to check it out but I thought id have another look at the safe house phone just in case



in the safehouse laundry room there is a newspaper saying that Fist world bank is re-opening, new level? hope so xD



& why does this lamp look like its not plugged in yet its placed next to a large plug socket adapter and stil on.. oh wait whats those papers its drawing my attention too?



well aprently "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" OH YEAHH COZ THATS NOT A CODDDDEEEE


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I guess i will have to look in the dumpster when its ready then, also i reckon as is says its re-opening the first world bank im sure they would have changed the security measures and that the original codes to open the secret room would have changed xD

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should i be buying this?


If you ain't sure, wait for first mini sale (25 % off). I haven't bought 2nd one, but seems it's far more improved than 1st one. Getting extra jobs on certain level. If you have right people to play with it, go for it.


If you aren't used to such type of game, watch 1st or even 2nd payday review.

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I will probably wait as well, since i have games like skyrim that i just purchased and need to play through, first. Also, I don't know anyone. And, since I'm an identical twin and my other half is playing the crap out of the game right now, I somehow feel like I'm playing it, too.

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Add me to the group Jackie. It was definitely fun playing the <10 games I did play for the first one. Did the running/jumping/other mechanics get better? I remember certain things I didn't like about the game but said "eh, it's indie so it's ok".

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