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Built A post office at spawn


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So I was bored from all the building of important stuff I had been doing so I decided to do something random and I stuck a post office near spawn. Everyone that I could remember on the server has a marked box (WITH GOODIES! Compliments of Chick & Tirtul) with your name on it and there are like 5 or 6 chest that are Available for whoever I might have missed. PLEASE Do not take from any of the other chest I made everyone the same chest of stuff with the exception of Renegade & Cocoa puffs I put your sons stuff with yours. You can use it to stick stuff for someone there and then they can come pick it up or once a week, probably on Sundays I will go and pick up everyone's mail and deliver it but you gotta have a mail box. (P.S. we install those just let me know when and where).

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