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GC people music video


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Was bored. Made a picture song and made it GC themed to have some fun.


Sorry if you're not mentioned and apolgies for the audio quality. Only so much an old handheld camera can record:





Don't know how to show the video in the post, i'm sure one of the forum admins can fix that for me :)


*Jackie edit

Fixed it for ya.

Edited by JackieChan
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Aw that's adorable :D but... why don't you know what to say about me XD


Tsunami.... she's mean and steals guys' teddies.


Tsunami! She's so darn mean, her good twin was the Heart Queen!


Tsunamiiiiii, you'll never realize you're a female Black Yoshi!



My point exactly. I had plenty to say. Just didn't know where to start.

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