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Bob Lee has passed away

Guest Bob

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:( I was holding off posting till this was confirmed. Very sad. I had quite a few great conversations with Bob...and as others have said, he was more than willing to help in any way needed. Some of our conversations revoved around his Mr Ban name. He explained why he is so fast to ban and it made perfect sence. I've actually taken a bit of this attitude each time I'm in our server as admin.


You are missed Bob_Lee!!!

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Email from/to the girlfriend:


Yes, we found a news article on it.  Many people are interested in some sort

of fund for his child.  Do you have someone you could put me in contact with

for this?


Thanks for the reply.

----- Original Message -----





> Scott was shot and killed.  You can look at madison.com and look under

Lunkley or Boardman to verify.


There are several articles at the site she mentioned.

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Wow....one of the more serious things we've had to deal with as a community. Really makes you realize that everyone's petty squabbles about 3rd party maps, and bad attitudes are pointless and dumb. I knew Bob about as well as anyone here, I guess. He helped me back when I was trying to run BlackOps, I drank a beer with him sitting outside at the LAN party last year. Just a few days ago I was asking Linch if BobLee was still around. He said "yeah, he doesn't play much though." I just turned on the computer to play a half hour of CS before going to the fiance's dad's house for dinner...Gunman sent me here, I'm not going to play CS today. Thanks for the pics Fatty, and that intro was great. Brings back memories of what were very possibly happier times.


Rest In Peace Bob_Lee


can we get some kind of tribute picture on the main page?

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I dont think anyone in the community knew him in RL before knowing him here. Its kind of strange getting to know someone over the internet.


When Bob started playing on Delta, he played a LOT (you think your bad, Mag...). He had a web design business when he first came around. We noticed him just because of the amount of time he played. He had a good attitude and pretty much just played the game. So after considering him for the guild we "hired" him. He wasnt an awesome player but we really wanted just good guys that could follow our one rule... respect. About a month after he became Mmmm we got a good laugh when we found out that Bob had never used a mouse to play. He was only using his keyboard! Obviously after that he improved a lot.


In the course of events his business started failing. His marraige couldnt handle this strain. He ended up losing the business and his wife. His wife was dating a guy during the breakup. It was really tough for Bob. If you didnt know, Bob used to fight in those "Ultimate Fights" or whatever they were called. He actually travelled around and made a living at it. So anyway, this guy tries to pick a fight with Bob. Bob put him in the hospital. We all kinda got a smile out of it. I know violence never solves anything but if anyone had it coming it was this guy. Later on Bob made a point to patch things up with the guy just for the sake of his boy. His boy was very important to him.


Bob shot straight with you. In death we tend to glorify people. Bob had his faults. With time his frustration with cheaters basically ruined the game for him. But a LOT of good things can be said for sure.


Bob had a lot of stories to tell. A lot of them where hard to believe. But he sorta lived life large. So I always ended up believing him. It was really good to see him coming around lately and enjoying the game like he use to.


He loved the sport of boxing.


He loved music


He played in a bluegrass band


He played football at Penn State


He was in a car accident that broke his one leg in something like 30 places (cant remember exactly but it was a bunch) and basically severed his foot at the ankle. This ended his fighting career. Anyone remember his post in the drunk driving thread?


He met his first wife while in the hospital (she was a nurse)


He was an amateur magician. (He was going to stop by my place when he went to "Magic Days" in Colon just 15 miles from me.


He was a good guy.

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<---- for you bob. i was stunned to hear the news. i havnt had a chance to come here very often lately because of work and all but greg told me. its a sad thing to lose anyone but especially somone who was as well liked as bob. let me know if you guys are going to set up a fund or anything cause i will contribute if posible. i still cant belive he is gone. RIP bud.....





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Hmmm.. I'm shocked to be reading this now.. I've gotten the forum link off of the CsLs website (I'm DEATH TO YOU btw), and I was shocked to be reading this...


I've never gotten the chance to talk/play with BobLee, but I feel terrible that someone so well known, had died...


I've been reading above that you people wanted to put stuff on shirts or whatever, If you're still willing, go here



You can put anything on shirts and sell them or buy them.

I was hoping you could do that in memory of BobLee... :(

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Billy has a great idea there.

you can put shirts with bob stuff on them and for each $20 shirt $5 goes to the fund for Bob's kid

you can do tons of things, not just shirts

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