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Damaged Corsair H100i CPU Cooler

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I've had this cooler since early 2013. It's a closed system water cooler for a CPU. The radiator uses two 120mm fans, which I'm including. It can use up to four if you want to set it up as push/pull. It can mount anywhere in a case where you have a spot for 2 side by side 120mm fans. I may still have all of the original mounting hardware and screws. I know I at least have the screws I'm currently using. I'm using the LGA 1155 mounting plate. I think I have the original box also.






Here's the fun part. Some bonehead (me) was removing the cooler and stupidly pulled the female connectors off the block where the fans attach. I lined up the pins to the best of my ability in my frustration and got a connector on. I'm currently using one set of fans (each set of fans uses one connector) and one fan works fine, but the other isn't detected properly and runs at 100%. If you have the patience I'm fairly certain you could get the connectors fully functional again. There's no pins missing or anything, just the connectors came off. I'm not including any thermal paste.




I'm asking for $60 shipped because I know you can get it fully operational again and it's only about a year old. The H100i is currently $99.99 new on Amazon and Newegg. MSRP is $119.99. I will also consider any offers.


Here it is in action:




The cooler is still mounted in my PC, it works fine besides the 100% fan. I will probably be taking it out tomorrow. If anyone is interested I can take more picture and pictures of the damage.

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