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VPN to Bypass Network Shaping


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I have been using Verizon Fios with the package 50/25 for several years now. SpeedTest.net shows me a steady result, but I know the result is bias since ISP can shape the network to favor SpeedTest.net only.




Recently, I have read an article regarding Verizon Fios ranking 8th on the Netflix (http://ispspeedindex.netflix.com/usa). It doesn't make any sense that I paid $100 USD every month for something I can barely stream video. Same thing with youtube, where some video will need to stall to buffer.


So, I have been looking at VPN to see if such method can improve streaming and voila it did. I got privateinternetaccess.com and is it a huge improvement



Now, Neflix takes me less than 5 sec to buffer the video. BLip.tv load instatly and no more buffering on youtube video

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You're only getting 60mbps with FIOS? You poor thing.




Or is that your speed when you're connected to VPN? If that's the case, that's pretty impressive. Most services I've used throttled even my 50mbps cable connection significantly.


What type of VPN client does PIA let you use?

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That is the speed when I'm not using VPN although the download rate is pretty much the same with using VPN. The ping, on the other hand, drop increase about 5-10ms. PIA server can supports around 100 Mbps, which is pretty good with their 40/yr price.


Testmy.net is pretty much close to speedtest.net, but result is inconsistent.


Then again, I think 50mbps is way more than I need considering not much stuff online can really utilize that speed. Unless you are one of those people who can download their 40GB game in less than 10 minutes, if so, then shame on you D:


edit: PIA uses Tunneling Protocol so you need to install their software for Windoww. Router and Mac don't need a client software as the OS itself supports it.


edit2: for secure VPN, PIA is pretty good and easy to setup, which is the one reason I pick it

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