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TbT's fun map ideas ( danger area: san`'s are prohibited )

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Once I complete the de_torn remake I'm shooting for some fun maps geared specifically for SNC's  


gc_siege...........  a catapult map...... multiple catapults....both sides........ ooo la la 



ct's start inside of a gated castle  with multiple catapults  and stairs leading up to the walls.   t's begin outside of the walls in a war camp with multiple catapults..   My only question is what kind of map would it be?   low grav scoutz?   knife only?  


scoutz_skyscrapers..... city skyscraper roof tops with jump  ramps........


this map is looking very likely now that someone has dropped a prefab of the vertigo skybox for all to enjoy.  I think I can get the rooftops interesting enough for some scout/knife action.


Feel free to drop any ideas  and don't be vague give me a good description  ( NO GOLDENEYE! FARB)  Or remakes of other maps (BEO & ONYX)

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