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Welcome to Gamrs.co Insurgency!

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[X] Greetings, and welcome to the Insurgency subForum. [X]


[X] Server info [X]


[X] Game Mode [X]

8 Slot, Co-op, Checkpoint, Very Hard Bots, Extra Points


[X] Server Policies [X]

1.  Respect your teammates; they will respect you in return.

2.  No excessive abusive language, griefing, disrespecting the admins, mic spamming, or cheating.

3.  Try to coordinate your play with your teammates.  Your best chance of sucess begins with working as a team. [it is Co-Op after all.]

4.  Have fun!


[X] Notes [X]

Gamrs.co is a friendly community that strives for a fun and rewarding gaming experience.  We are gaming without the e-thugs.


Want to have someone banned?  Check out the pinned "Ban requests" thread.  Have screenshots or demos of the infraction you are reporting.


Have suggestions?  Please post them in the pinned "Suggestions" thread.  This server is a work in process and we appreciate any and all suggestions you may have.  This is including map suggestions, difficulty suggestions, mod suggestions, etc.


Anything you want to report or suggest that you don't want to post, feel free to send me a PM.


[X] Have Fun! [X]

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