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I just picked this up the other day.... is it any good?


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Insurgency is very fun.  It's a fun and somewhat realistic shooter.  It's certainly a great change of pace from CS or L4D2. 

It's very team oriented, which can really be rewarding with a good group.  It has some cool guns to use, and a few fun game modes.  You should at least give it a try to see how you like it (if you already bought it).

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Workshop content also adds a lot. Stuff is easy to download, install, and use. For instance, I prefer the ACR model to the Mk 18 and the community reskin includes a different reload animation and the shape of the gun means the sights are different. Or there are reskins that add night sights or that change the way different teams look. There's also plenty of just basic gun aesthetic changes. 


In general about the game:

Being shot at is more intense than in most games. Character movement can feel a little slow. Explosives have a decent amount of punch. The scopes are actually modeled like full scopes so there's some blind spot in between the zoomed view and the regular view. The lean controls can actually be pretty useful, which ties down your q and e keys assuming you use wasd. 

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It was a originally a total conversion mod for source that came out in 2007. I played the mod for a while and heard about a full game under development. This is the game we now have which was released at the beginning of this year. It's modeled after the original mod, but has a lot more polish to it.

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