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L4D2 Warning to all regarding server/GC rules


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One of the reasons I was elevated to "board member" status was to help get the L4D2 servers and community to follow the standards and rules of GC.   With 2 servers and the popularity of our version of the game, we have a very large community playing a game that can easily frustrate all levels of players.  In the past two weeks, I had to deal with several examples of members and non-members allowing their own frustrations to cause them to break our rules.  The first thing we all need to remember is that this is a game.  Whether or not you are winning or losing, on a stacked team or not, having a hard time competing against top players, on a team with new people, there is no excuse to show anything but good sportsmanship.  If your aggravation in this game is too much, my suggestion is to leave the game and play it another time when you have cooled down, or find another game to play entirely.


Going forward, I expect all of our admins to enforce our rules, no matter who the player is (brand new unheard of player or long time member or gaming friend).  Admins have guidelines to follow when enforcing the rules.  These rules do not handle every situation, so there is judgment required as well, but for the most part they are common situations that will be handled consistently amongst admins.  Here is a partial list of the rules they follow:


Players Arguing (we will not allow arguing in the server, it disrupts the game for everyone else)

Admins will ask players to stop.  If they do not, the players will be kicked.  If they return and persist, the players will be banned 1 week.  Also if a player argues with an admin, the admin should remind the player to either make a forum post about it, or discuss the problem with me.  If the player continues, the player will be banned 1 week.


Harassing/Insulting players (this will never be tolerated on our servers)

The admin should warn the player we do not tolerate this.  If it continues, the player will be permanently banned.  The player can then make a case on the forum as to why they should be unbanned.


Rushing will receive a warning, then a 60 minute ban


Inappropriate Sprays, Team Stacking,  Spamming (including music, sounds, bot spamming, etc), Bad Language, will receive a warning, then a day ban.


Griefing, Racism, Rushing (then dying, then leaving server) will receive a permaban and the player can make a case in the forum as to why they should be unbanned.


Players with multiple offenses will probably receive longer durations of bans and be much less likely to be reinstated from a permaban.  The actual situation may dictate more or less punishment, but in general, I want admins following this.


If you are experiencing a problem with an admin or another player, do not retaliate.  Get a demo or screenshots.  Send them to me and I will handle it.  If you have any questions or want to discuss a situation, please get in touch with me.  You can add me on Steam Friends list, or send a private message through our website.


Regarding admins.  Personally I don't appreciate general statements in forum posts from a minority of our members criticizing our admins.  It is very difficult to play a game they love and at the same time handle everyone's problems, then get criticized unfairly on top of it.  There is a lot of chaos and confusion, hearing 20 people, seeing their chat and trying to watch for every possible rule that can be broken.  Also, not only do they not get paid for their work, they contribute more money than regular members to GC for running the servers.   I know them all well and whether I agree or disagree with them on certain issues, I know they are all dedicated.  If you have a specific problem with a specific admin, send it to me, and it will get dealt with.  If you want it to be confidential, that is fine too.


Remember this is a game.  Have fun.  Members should be helping new players learn the game.  Without new players, this game will die.  Members should also be helping admins keep the game under control. 



this sounds horrible   ;P



all cerealness good job peasssssss......

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After discussion, we have made some revisions to the penalties for breaking some of the rules on the server.  Short term bans have been increased from 1 hour to 1 day.  Also, multiple bans for a person will increase the duration of any future bans.


While we have guidelines on how to handle most situations, we can not legislate every situation and will continue to rely on the judgment of the admins.

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Sorry, another quick note


Reminder regarding admins.  I don't want to be specific on a couple of incidents, but remember, we are all subject to the same rules, this includes new players, regular non-member players, members, admins (and myself).  Admins generally do a great job, and it is much harder than I think most realize, but the rules apply to everyone.   Mistakes happen and emotions from this game can get to us sometimes, but if you encounter an admin doing something you think is wrong or breaking any of the rules, please contact me.  

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Rule... Could there be a rule to ban players abusing the 'main' system? Sometimes, a player will die early on as a 'main' then leave the game and return, allowing a different player to then become the main that died. That or they'll !afk and it'll put a new main in their place. Personally I feel this is abusing the system and promotes unfair play.

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We do not allow people purposely changing up the mains to change the score.  It happens frequently, but not on purpose.  If someone is dead, they are often likely to leave and come back later, rather than sit there and not be able to play.  As soon as they leave and others join, it can change the mains.  Anyway, if it is done on purpose, not allowed.

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