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1.8 Fresh start


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with the fresh start of the minecraft server I would like to set down a couple of rules that will make the start as fair for all and as friendly to the server as possible.


first with the restart there will be the 3 fortress' again. last time only one or two people raided all three and I would like to put a limit to that. you may only raid one fortress and of that fortress you may not take more than half of the book, and half of the chests with loot. that way 6 or more players will be able to reap the rewards of the fortress'


second I will try to put a block in place but on the outside chance it doesn't work, I would like players to build personal structures 250 or more blocks from the spawn, down the road the community can build around spawn to beautify it and what not but that will be a communal work not personal bases or farms. the primary reason for this is the spawn chunks.


any players wishing to have things moved from the old world I will move structures or buildings (not farms) into the creative part of the world, please keep it over there, if you wish to play there in survival, great but I want the main area fully reset. since there will be no mods, add-ons, plugins, etc. I will put up a teleport at spawn to bring you to the creative world and one to return you to spawn and pressure plates to change game mode for the players that are not oped.


if you wish to have anything moved from the old world to the new one, either post or send me a pm telling me what you want moved and I will do my best to place it in.


In about 6 months I will put up another vote to reset the server for a fresh start, don't be alarmed by this. it will be just like this reset where things can be moved, also don't feel obligated to restart. if it doesn't pass I will wait another 6 months and put up another. this will allow slower building players a choice and players that feel bored another chance to restart.


once the mods have had a chance to catch up, I will start by putting bukkit (if available) back on and get most of our current plugins back on. I will also be adding claims if they are updated.



The Server will be reset approx. September 2nd

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Most likely not everyone will read this, so everyone please tell other players about these rules when you're on!  Will be hard to enforce the 'no looting the fortresses' rule... but since there are new recipes to craft cracked bricks, mossy bricks... it might not be a huge problem.


You guys should organize a time to kill the ender dragon--that was a lot of fun to do as a group last time!

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I would like to add one more thing and its a kind of rule currently but I would like to reiterate it for the fresh start and that is that farms are spaced out, so try to keep farms limited to about 3 per loaded chunk area and entitiy farms to around 100-150 entities. so having 50 chickens and 25 cows, 25 sheep and 25 pigs in 4 different farms would be ok, since you can breed them all, pushing you to around 150 then culling the adults putting you back to around 100 or so. I would also ask that there are no constantly working red-stone clocks, if you are using one for a farm and you are there with it that is fine if its not for a super extended amount of time (multiple hours). just make sure they all have a on/off switch.

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the 1.8 server is now live. I have put a spawn protection block to prevent building in the spawn chunks, it will be shrunk as time passes, so if you get a don't have permission to break blocks that's what that is.

The location of creative is at 150007 63 150003 teleporting there will put you in a safe spot with pressure plates for switching game modes and teleporting back to spawn (which lands you on the survival pad)

currently the only way into the creative area without a terribly long run is via admin teleport, as there is no way to prevent a player from getting creative and them bringing it to the survival world, I will leave it with no pressure plate teleport to the creative area.

cat your sea hole has been moved over into the creative area. 

Radioknight your two mountains and surrounding lands have been moved into the creative area

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