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TF2 Night 8/31/14 8 P.M. Central Time


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this has been the only post on the "games" forum for the last 5 days. it's been the main one, showing me commenting on it


AdogX, this forum gives us the ability to hide certain topics as a preference, so some people may not have seen this right away.  Plus you posted this TF2 night exactly 1 day before it was supposed to happen.  Most of the time the L4D2 nights are planned much further in advance, and that's even for a popular server.  I don't expect this server will become popular instantaneously, but I do think we ought to try and recruit players and start promoting the server.  I played on this server for a bit to see what the maps were like, and so far it's "meh".  I'm going to make another post to talk about what I see that is and isn't popular with what we have.

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