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I think this needs to happen at some point. Our server may be somewhat broken, but getting a bunch of GC people on a certain night (both on Mumble and in game) to play hunt would be a blast. 

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Master_ice6 and I were trying to see how many hunt maps we could get through in alphabetical order last night. We got all the way up to Heights. Some of the maps really aren't very conducive to this game mode, particularly the close quarters ones, but the bigger maps tend to play this a lot better.


In my opinion, it's a game mode that only really works with members because once you die, you're out for a long time. Most people just leave the server because they don't want to wait. It wouldn't so bad with GC folks because we can all hang out in Mumble talking it up until we're back in the game. This is particularly true the more people you have on because the number of bots is scaled accordingly (and maybe the time too, I'm not sure) so the longer it takes to finish. If you die early in a large hunt game, you might end up waiting more than ten minutes to respawn. 


I also feel like the update that got released a couple weeks ago improved the AI so that they're not such crack shots with x-ray vision. It still happens that they are on occasion, but I was able to solo panj_hunt the other night without too much trouble.


Also, a general notice about the game: If you're running the Intense Realism Soundmod V3 from the workshop, there's currently an issue with it that will cause your game to crash when firing the M4A1. You can either unload the mod or load an alternative sound specifically for the M4A1 so that the rest of the mod functions as usual and only that sound is replaced. 

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I would love to get in on something like this, unfortunately I still can't find the GC server on the server browser :P

Why isn't it tagged as GC or GamrsCo or something like that? I cant find it at all lol.

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